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It’s my tardi, and i’ll cry if i want to… (Kristin)

The sentiments expressed in Leslie Gore’s manipulated lyrics are in reference to the fact that today is our last day in Modena. We just finished up our final dinner together with the lab and exhanged goodbyes and small gifts and addresses, … Continue reading

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And after the Tardi it’s the hotel lobby… (Susan)

One thing that can be said about the two of us as travelers: we know how to roll with the (metaphorical) punches. We all-too-recently returned from a weekend jaunt to Siena, in the heart of Tuscany. Read: the destination of … Continue reading

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Now, the tardi don’t start ’till I walk in…. (Kristin)

Originally, I was attempting to write this little update in the lounge of our hostel in Padova so Suz & I could double post for double the fun. Unfortunately for my creative juices, however, a traveling madrigal choir chose to … Continue reading

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I wanna rock and roll all night, and Tardi every day (Susan)

I would like to open this post by describing to you, dear Readers, our cuisine when we hit the open road here in Italy. In a word, pizza. Pizza with tomatoes, pizza with brie, pizza with arugula. The other day … Continue reading

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And I’m like Yes. It’s on and poppin’. Yes. The tardis rockin’. (Kristin)

Modena is not a tourist town. Or at least that’s what our lab directors told us when we first arrived here. I suppose this explains why the sight of two light-haired girls with over-sized backpacks and a collectively-lacking navigational sense … Continue reading

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Tardi every day, T-T-T-Tardi every day… (Susan)

Today, we discovered that “tardi” rhymes with “party.” That’s a little teaser for our clever and super cool blog post titles! In other news, we are living the good life here in Modena. We pedal around everywhere on bikes the … Continue reading

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You might think this is lunarcris, but…

Tiao Cruz lyrics with corny moon pun aside, Ciao! We are writing our celebratory first blog post jointly from the lab in Modena, Italia (vowing never to do this whole joint thing again because it’s super awkward to have to agree on … Continue reading

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