It’s my tardi, and i’ll cry if i want to… (Kristin)

The sentiments expressed in Leslie Gore’s manipulated lyrics are in reference to the fact that today is our last day in Modena. We just finished up our final dinner together with the lab and exhanged goodbyes and small gifts and addresses, hence the reason for teardrops on our metaphorical guitars.
However, despite the solemnity emodied by the opening, the theme of this post is actually something quite different. In fact, inthe spirit of the most recent USA world cup match, I would like to reflect for a moment about VICTORY, because some pretty noteworthy victories have occured during our last few days here:
#1) If you havent noticed fom the previously posted pictures, the giant trampoline to which we oft refer has a large wooden chasm running down its center, seperating the two sets of elastic tarps. It has been our goal, dare I say DREAM, to someday simultaneously execute flawless, two-footed leaps from one side to the other. Yesterday, said dream was realized. And rather attempting to describe the subsquent feeling in words, I would instead like to refer you to Season 4 Episode 24 of How I Met Your Mother and say….. Marshall Erikson, I understand you.
#2) After buying some painting materials from the discount make-your-own-art-store, we plopped ourselves down on a street corner to visually immortalize Modena on canvas. After we has begun to paint the scene that lay before us, a man strolling by our perch glanced at our canvasses, retrieved a coin from his pocket, and nonchalantly tossed it in our direction. The coin’s stated value? Erroneous. Its true meaning? The official beginning of our professional art careers. Step aside Leonardo, Michealangalo, Giotto….soon the great nation from which you hail wil be famous for a whole new pair of professionals.
#3) This morning, we caught and bottled over a hundred water bears to smuggle in our luggage to Shanghai. However, more notable than the acquisition these soon-to-be globe-trotter tardigrades is that Mikaili, a professor from our lab, actually refered to the organisms as ‘tardis’ while we were on the hunt. This is perhaps the first recorded use of the word ‘tardi’ by a microbiologist with a PhD, EVER. Who says undergraduates can’t make their mark on the scientific community?
Here’s hoping that this streak of victory will continue and yield a more successful train expedition than the last as we make our way to Florence tomorrow!
(Due to computer problems, this post was written a couple days before it was posted.  Don’t worry, Mom, we’re actually in Florence now.)
(Also, said computer problems are the reason why there’s weird spacing and the only picture on this entry is from How I Met Your Mother.)

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One Response to It’s my tardi, and i’ll cry if i want to… (Kristin)

  1. Jackie says:

    aww guys! that is sad 😦

    good thing its pretty impossible to be sad in the worlds greatest cities. esp on the worlds greatest pub crawl. look forward to hearing about that.

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