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it’s your birthday, we gon’ tardi like it’s your birthday… (Kristin)

A conversation with Iris, employee of the Phoenix Hostel (our current home): Iris: So… Have you found them yet? Us: Found what? Iris: The dead people! Us: What?! Iris: You know… The dead bodies… The ones you come to Shanghai … Continue reading

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Just got paid, Friday night, tardi hoppin’, feelin’ right (Susan)

HOUSTON, WE HAVE TARDIGRADES. That’s right, today, July 9, 2010, may you emblazon it upon your calendars and may Google change its homepage graphic in our honor… today is the day that we found the first Shanghai tardigrades! We took … Continue reading

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It’s a tardi in the city while the heat is on…. (Kristin)

…well, at least we hope there’s a tardi in this somewhere in this city (because it def feels like the heat is on). Unfortunately, as we’ve spent the past couple of days scouring the shanhai street-sides for modest spots of … Continue reading

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Everybody knows, there’s a tardi at the end of the world. (Susan)

Faithful Readers, 你好! We are in China. I hope that actually says “ni hao” — Google Translate appears to be blocked here, which is just mean. Let’s back up. We finished off our month in Italy with a week of … Continue reading

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