It’s a tardi in the city while the heat is on…. (Kristin)

…well, at least we hope there’s a tardi in this somewhere in this city (because it def feels like the heat is on). Unfortunately, as we’ve spent the past couple of days scouring the shanhai street-sides for modest spots of greenery in which tardis might come to party, their confirmed existence has thus far remained merely a hope. A hope, that in this bustling hub of readily breathable particulate matter, knock-off technological products, and honk-happy drivers there’s a place for tardis too…and that someday (preferably someday soon) we will find some to call our own.

But not all quests have been proven quite so fruitless! For instance, I am currently the proud owner of a brand-new, most-likely-legitimate EeePC. AND this replacement for my computer that tanked  in Italia was found at none other than the Shanghai Digital Market, a five story haven of brand name gadgets lacking definitive prices, and wily salespeople ready to manipulate you into bartering away both your wallet and your first born. Fortunately, as bartering in rapid-fire Chinese is an art neither Susan nor I have yet perfected, we were accompanied by Markus (our lab director willing to use mild intimidation tactics in the form of loud German yelling), and his Chinese wife Selene…

Selene and Markus

Thus, when we emerged from the Digital Market, we had, for lower than the original price of the laptop, accrued enough technological trinkets that Markus and Selene felt satisfied….which ultimately included a laptop, a headset, a case, a mouse, and even a large piece of luggage to tote it all home in.

Additional successful quests have included our attempt to assimilate into our hostel’s culture of personifying miscellaneous household items, as explained in Susan’s last post. Thus we’ve been leaving notes for the cleaning staff (we think they’ve been impressed):

missing the days of unlimited, free potable water

Also, we bought the Best. Shirts. Ever.



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6 Responses to It’s a tardi in the city while the heat is on…. (Kristin)

  1. Jackie says:

    lawlz. like those shirts a lot.

    but question, did the substitution of “tardi” for the word “party” continue from the title on into the first paragraph? otherwise…what the fuck are you talking about? have your days abroad affected your ability to speak coherently in english? methinks yes. though given that your in china, your engrish is probs at its all time best.

  2. Jax. We are talking about tardi hunting here…. not party hunting… it all makes perfect sense. And given that you’re in the States, perhaps your grammar could use an upgrade? BAM.

  3. Jackie says:

    hence my question…because that makes no sense.

  4. Jackie says:

    i was basically trying to imply a request for an explanation as to why youd be looking for tardis…

  5. ah. We need to find tardis so that we can send them up into space.

  6. Bob says:

    I want one of those t-shirts!

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