You walked into the tardi, like you were walkin’ onto a yacht… (Susan)

Yeah, so, we’re running out of tardi puns that make any logical sense.

The past week-and-a-half has been disappointing and boring. Oh no wait… that’s how the past week-and-a-half must have been for YOU, our Readers! Our deepest apologies that you’ve had to go so long without one of our blog posts! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We visited the World Expo, and spent twelve hours bee-bopping from one pavilion to the next. In the USA Pavilion, Kobe Bryant himself wished us “ni hao!” So did Obama. We were warned about egregiously long lines, but we came prepared with “Stuff You Should Know” podcasts, the same sanity retention method that we use on our fourteen hour roadtrips to Canada. It worked swimmingly.

We took this!

We took this!

Our hosts purchased a sweet telescope, and we watched the moon for hours. You look at that bright, impossibly pockmarked orb and you think, man, that thing’s just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. This is somewhat frustrating: why can’t we go there? But also inspiring, because well, maybe one day.

One world wonder down...

One world wonder down...

We trained to Beijing and took a day trip to the Great Wall of China. By happy happenstance and our usual unpreparedness, we ended up at a little-traveled section of the Wall. We climbed a mountain’s worth of the Wall, up to the highest lookout point, and the fact that we weren’t at the super-touristy section of the Wall meant that for long stretches of the hike, we had it all to ourselves. We became ancient Chinese warriors, scouring the misty mountainsides for Huns. Occasionally one of us would spot one (“Hun ho!!!”), and we would shout to our invisible comrades to light the warning fires. It’s hard to say whether we would have refrained from such antics had we not been alone.

I’ll let Kristin take it from here, but here’s a quick teaser: we’ve also been hard at work at the best blog post you will ever experience. Stay tuned!

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One Response to You walked into the tardi, like you were walkin’ onto a yacht… (Susan)

  1. bob and sally says:

    We can’t wait for the next one! Don’t forget to send it now that you are home! Thanks so very much for the great updates. Have a fun last of the summer–when does school start? love, Gm.

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